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May 18, 2012

Global Warming, Alternative Energy and Stupidity

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Keep these things in mind

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  • Man made global warming is NOT settled science
  • CO2 is a lagging not leading indicator of global warming, demonstrated in the 1990s and a point of fact on which Al Gore lost in court in the UK over his alarmist movie. 
  • Al Gore’s film had many other inaccuracies determined by the court including (please visit link for list of 35 errors):
  1. the Greenland and West Antarctic Ice Sheets will cause seas to rise 6cm over the next 100 years not 6M
  2. the polar bears drowned in a blizzard
  3. Kilimanjaro’s summit doesn’t get above freezing – the glacier melted away because of deforestation
  4. Lake Chad isn’t drying up – irresponsible irrigation and other human use techniques are bleeding it like the Soviets bled the Aral Sea
  • Increased CO2 may lead to increased temperatures, or it may lead to greater water evaporation and increased clouds etc – we are not certain. 
  • The Sun is a more important driver of global climate than an SUV or an entire planet of SUVs.
  • Historically warming periods (the Roman warming and Medieval Warming) are associated with periods of affluence and population growth.  Historically cooling periods (Dark Ages, Little Ice Age) are associated with plague, famine, competition for dwindling resources and war.
  • Al Gore’s hockey stick graph actually (actually Michael Mann’s) was long ago removed from the IPCC’s reports.  Those reports have been updated further and predictions have been reduced.  Predictions are based on modeling which are subject to widely fluctuating results with small variable changes.
  • On a basis frequent enough to have become old news we read about “scientists” who fudged their data in order to reach their dire predictions.
  • Al Gore is worth about $100,000,000.00 by trading carbon credits with his firm Generational Investment Management – which positioned itself to benefit from alarmist legislation to reduce global warming.  His global warming alarmism is self-interested.
  • Global warming fears have lead to foolish investments of tax dollars such as Solyndra and lead Barak Obama to declare that when he became President he’d tax carbon enough make building coal burning plants a bankrupting event.

Those are just a couple of the quantifiable and terrible results from the sky is falling thinking.  The next time you’re urged to “please do something” about global warming consider this…

1) Global warming is real (there is evidence that this is true though that it has currently arrested.  There is also evidence that says climate is dynamic and changes considerably over time and does so on established cycles)

2) Global warming is man made

3) Global warming is a bad thing (but historically we know the opposite to be true)

4) Taking drastic measures with known quantifiable costs in the short term will reduce global warming

5) The reduction is desirable (historical evidence denies this)

6) The cost of reduction is less than the cost of doing nothing.

All… All of those must be true to rationally justify flushing $500,000,000 down the Solyndra toilet.  Next time we’re asked to spend it to save the planet ask if those doing the flushing can answer those questions in the affirmative.

Here’s a more detailed (well footnoted) and scathing article on global warming alarmism by Richard Lindzen who is is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council.  Those of you suspicious of my bullets…. read the scientist’s report.

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